Google, Bing, and WolframAlpha

After using Google, Bing, and WolframAlpha, I have discovered that all browsers are a little complicated. Google for example has soo many options to search, unless I use all of these options on a regular basis, I would probably forget they are there or how to use them. Bing is not really my favorite, I found that it gives me little options to search, I couldn’t find an option for an advance search, I guess I am just used to Google. I did like that the pages looked cleaner with less advertisement pop ups. I guess I just have to use it more to find its tricks.  I hadn’t heard of WolfamAlpha in the past and now that I have tried it out, I think I am going to continue using it. I remember last time I was trying to compare states and cities and it was a nightmare, now I can do this easily on this search engine.

Here is a video regarding search engines from Linus Techquickies


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