Fun with QR Codes

I didn’t know QR codes was so easy and so much fun!

Need a little laugh? scan the below QR code with your QR app and have a few laughs. If you don’t have a QR Code App simply download one from your Play Store or App Store.

QR code website

If you want to create your own QR code you will need to do the following:

  1. go to a video or site and copy the URL
  2. in the address bar of your browser type:
  3. enter in the URL in the filed provided, click on shorten URL
  4. in the same window a list will show up with a “Details” link, click on Details
  5. a new page will come up with your QR Code
  6. right click on the QR image and save it on your computer

that’s it! see if you can get creative, I am already thinking about using QR codes for games with friends or even using it with wrapped presents.


Scan the QR code below and see if you can guess the riddle.

QR Code Riddle



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