What cloud are you on? Cloud Computing

What cloud service best meets you needs?

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Here is some information I found about these different cloud services.

This information was taken directly from the different cloud services websites.

Google drive

  • saves g-mail attachments by just hovering over the attachment and clicking on the drive logo.
  • has Google docs, sheets, and slides which I find it super useful.
  • you can have files available offline
  • works on any devices
  • can share files and folders


  • it is a windows drive so you don’t need to worry about Office compatability
  • offline availability for files
  • can share files with the app
  • can be used with iOS and Android as well
  • people can work on same files


  • works on any device
  • can send videos
  • people can work on same files by creating shared folders
  • contains two step verification


  • file sharing
  • can share files with other people and they can add to it
  • no file size limit for uploads
  • can use it in Outlook
  • there is an app for iOS and Android


Based on the research I have done, these are all very similar, they all allow file transfer, file sharing, file storage, you can download the app to your computer, and they all have phone apps too. For me, I think Google drive is probably my best option, I  already have a google account, it gives me plenty of storage, and I can access my files on my computer and on my phone. If I were to ever get a Windows phone, then I might consider using OneDrive.  I found hightail interesting, I could see this app being used specifically for group projects either at work or school.




*picture used in this post was taken from google images


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