My Favorite Sites

I work as a desktop support technician, I mountain bike and scrapbook, I also like reading and watching anything that is life changing, inspirational, motivational, or awesome!

Here is a list of the different sites I visit that relate to my interests.


CNET: this is a great site to read the latest news on technology.

LinusTechTips: I really like this YouTube channel!. The channel explains, compares, and reviews computer related technology.

Newegg: Newegg sells a lot of things including computer parts.

Professor Messer: He has a YouTube channel and a site as well, check it out if you are interested in IT related training (networking, CompTIA A+, Security, and more) .

Mountain Biking

Pinkbike: An outdoor activity that I enjoy is mountain biking, this site has the latest and greatest posts regarding mountain biking.

MTBProject: A site to find mountain bike trails.



TED Talks: TED has a variety of videos by different presenters that bring different ideas, some are funny, some are inspirational, some are jaw dropping, some are eye opening, some are informative, etc., etc. Check them out!




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