Photo Editting and Slide Show


Do you like taking pictures? I went for a bike ride downtown Salt Lake City and took my camera, as I rode through the city I took pictures and followed some suggested tips that I read in Digital-Photography-Tips.NET

Check out the my power point slide show that show some of the different photography tips.

Photo Editing Assignment 2



Trying to edit a picture and adding something to it is not as simple as it sounds. I used one of the pictures I took on my bike ride and edited with Photoshop. I added some Dinosaurs because who doesn’t like Dinos?

Here is what I did:

  1. My picture had a car in it so I wanted to get rid of the car first so I cut out a piece of the concrete from the picture and put over the car which created a layer (layer1).
  2. Then put that layer behind my original picture (Layer 0) and used the an eraser tool to delete the car which brought layer 1 to the front and made the car disappear.
  3. I found a picture of dinosaurs with no background, opened the picture in Photoshop, used the “quick selection tool” to select the dinosaurs and copied and pasted them which created a new layer (layer2) and brought that layer to the front so that they could be on the original picture.

Check out the before and after!



dino original



dino final




*all pictures used in this post and Power Point were taken by me



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